D&RGW C-19 Class #340
Circa the 1940's era.
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Twelve "C-19" Class locomotives were constructed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and delivered to The Grande in 1881 as "400" class locos. Although very similar in appearance to the Class "C-16" locos, the '19's carried 160 pounds of boiler pressure, and slightly larger cylinders thereby being able to 18,947 lbs of tractive effort, hence garnering the "19" designation. ( The Grande defined their locomotive classes based upon T.E, or "Tractive Effort". C-16's generated around 16,000 lbs of T.E.; "K-27's" generated close to 27,000 lbs of T.E.; etc.]

Number 340 started it's career as the #400 and later became #340 after a renumbering... She lasted through the forties and fortunately was sold by the D&RGW to Knotts Berry Farm in 1952, where it can be seen in magnificently restored condition pulling a "period" passenger train around their theme park. On our last visit there it even sported the Green Jacketing paint scheme!

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