D&RGW C-19 Class #346 c. late 1930's.
Durango Switcher with Green Boiler Jacketing...

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Aside from the absolutely glorious green jacketing paint scheme which could be seen occasionally on many of the locos of the D&RGW's narrow gauge locomotives, this unweathered, untouched-as-it-came-from-the-box model showcases the "best of the best" as far as factory paint work is concerned.

This particular model was imported late in December of 2001. It, and sister C-19's #340, #345 plus R.G.S. #40 and #41arriving in the same shipment from Samhongsa.

For mechanical specs on this run of models see page 20 , the #340 c. the 1940's.

Noteworthy locomotive-specific details visible in this photo include

  • "Footboard" Pilot. This was the trademark of a switch engine, and this version has on both the loco and tender.
  • "Riveted" Steel paneled cab.
  • D&RGW style oil type marker lamps.
  • Fire hose reel box atop cab roof.
  • Numerous patches and sheathing layers on the side of that flare sided tender, produced by the multiple step etching process so they are actually 3-D!
  • The #346's "trademark" odd appearing sand an steam domes.
  • Headlight side lights have photo-negative "windows" to replicate the black outlines painted on glass of the prototype.

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