R.G.S C-19 Class #40
Circa the 1940's era.
~ Revised July 19, 2016 ~

The lighting certainly could have been more strategically placed for this shot. Weathered models are tough to photograph because details such as scale sized rivets now absorb light instead of longer reflecting it. But time is slipping by and these photos need to get posted, so tough it out this time. Maybe I'll get back to doing another photo shoot before these models are all gone!

Noteworthy locomotive-specific details visible in this photo include

  • The mismatched steam and sand domes, sort of "plucked" from different eras.
  • A wood framed cab with a "Riveted" Steel overlay beneath the windows.
  • That old "Loco Light" Generator. Long considered outdated by most railroads because of their small output, since the R.G.S. seldom pulled any passenger equipment, the small output didn't much matter. There'd be enough to light three or four small bulbs inside the cab, and the headlight. So that was good enough.
  • The D&RGW "Lenticular Lens" style oil type marker lamps.
  • The "too far back" lead truck with its raised "flanger blade" and some of the flanger lifting apparatus on the pilot deck.
  • A "straight" running board, different from the pre-1940's rebuilding.
  • A sloping metal sheet that went from the running board to the cylinder top. This kept plowed snow from getting crammed in around the locos valve gear.
  • A Headlight straight out of the early days of steam, albeit electrified at this point in its life.

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