R.G.S. Class "C-19" - #40
Circa the late transition era.

~ Updated Tuesday, July 19, 2016 ~

[ If you arrived here off our "C-19 Main Page", and are a newcomer to the likes of the Rio Grande Southern, we've a bit of history and other notes on our "first" R.G.S. "C-19" page. It's on Page 24 of our Photo Gallery...]

Suffice it to say that this model has received what I consider to be a fairly heavy weathering job. One that befits the perpetual lack of adequate finances of that worthy operation.

If you arrived here from the "C-19 Main Page", you were treated to a view of our later #40 as she was steaming downgrade with the D&RGW Coach #306 in tow on a late September afternoon such as the one I noted earlier on an earlier page. Although the scenery in that photo isn't from the R.G.S., the colors are exemplary of the area.

Noteworthy locomotive-specific details visible in this photo include

  • The mismatched steam and sand domes, sort of "plucked" from different eras.
  • A wood framed cab with a "Riveted" Steel overlay beneath the windows.
  • An air cylinder beneath the front running board that, through a brace of jury-rigged linkage raised and lowered the lead trucks "flanger" blade. And some of the aforementioned crooked piping leading to it.
  • D&RGW style oil type marker lamps.
  • A "lead" or "pilot" truck that sets 'way too far back to look "right" which adds even more character to her!
  • Coal "boards" made of wrought iron instead of wood.
  • The ubiauitous wooden tool box on the tenders' rear deck.
  • A Headlight straight out of the early days of steam, albeit electrified at this point in its life.
  • A surprisingly "modern" "Pyle National" style turbo-generator to light the few lamps required to keep number 40 running in the dark. This generator was apparently swapped out with the one on R.G.S. #41 during their outshopping of 1940.

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