A version of this photo graced our "Home" page about 10 years ago... (Do you remember it?) It came out so dramatic that we figured we couldn't do much better than reproduce it for you here, once again...

The #40 epitomizes what modelers and historians think of when they hear the words "Rio Grande Southern": High Trestles, truly spectacular scenery, and hand-me-down locomotives and rolling stock...

Not much can be said that hasn't already been said about this version of our number 40. Other than that some of this locomotives' more noteworthy details visible in this photo include:

  • The mismatched steam and sand domes, sort of "plucked" from different eras.
  • A wood framed cab with a "Riveted" Steel overlay beneath the windows.
  • A "raised type" running board with an air reservoir hung beneath it.
  • That crooked air pipe in front of the tank.
  • A wrought iron "stirrup" hung beneath the extended pilot deck so brakemen, switchmen and enginemen could get on board when she was run with her included-in-the-box snowplow installed.
  • A rather small tender mounted air reservoir with recessed "convex" ends.
  • Coal "boards" made of wrought iron instead of wood.
  • The "box" type headlight straight out of the early days of steam, albeit electrified at this point in its life.
  • A surprisingly "modern" "Pyle National" style turbo-generator to light the few lamps required to keep number 40 running in the dark. This generator was apparently swapped out with the one on R.G.S. #41 during their out-shopping of 1940.

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