R.G.S. C-19 Class #41
Circa the lmid-to-late 1930's era...

~ Revised July 19, 2016 ~

Here's the engineer's side of #41 circa the thirties. Number 41 was in sad shape towards the end of the thirties, but was given a new lease on life in 1940. She went on to be one of the last steam engines to operate on the R.G.S., and then, in 1952, to a new home at Knotts Berry Farm where she now resides in pristine operating condition.

Noteworthy locomotive-specific details visible in this photo include

  • A welded, convex ended air tank atop the tender. ( That's a bleeder valve atop the tank in case you were wondering. )
  • "Wood" coal boards.
  • Full length riveted patch at the bottom of the tender side.
  • D&RGW style oil type marker lamps.
  • Early style "Loco Light" Turbo Generator.
  • "Straight" running board with no air tank on loco.

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