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D&RGW Class "K-27" Mikado #456
Circa the 1940's

~ Updated May 19, 2010 ~

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As noted on the "main" page, the backdrop scenes we shot around Chama back in the old days are nigh unto irresistible. To this ol' boys' way of thinkin' anyways. . .

And so, we figures, is this Rio Grande #456. Its soft and mild weathering job, with its steel plated siderods nice and clean bespeak a loco whose shop crews were more'n a might proud of.

Can't you just picture yourself up there in that firemans' seat lookin' out at the cameraman with a huge, boyish grin on yer face ? Oh, that's not your style you say ? Yeah. Right. Heh, Heh, Heh. . .

This Foreground Model was delivered to one of our newer customers whose name escapes me at the moment. . . It'll come to me though. ( It's 12:20 a.m. as I write this so I have an excuse. )

The model run ( Or "Production Run." ) this K-27 came from was our very best yet. From the Detail standpoint; From the Mechanical standpoint; From an Engineering standpoint; From a Technical and Execution standpoint; And from a Fidelity-to-Prototype standpoint, this builder, who has allowed us to work with him closely has, from the start, demonstrated his interest in our projects, and certainly, this run of models demonstrates he has the ability to create true works of art !

Our thanks go to our friend Se Ho and his Boo-Rim Precision company, whose workmanship and attention to detail are unmatched in the industry today !

Now add to this Jimmy's artistic talents into the equation and you have ART that you can operate !

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