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D&RGW K-28 #474
Circa the 1930's

~ Updated 10-26-11 ~

I'm a total fan of rusty smoke boxes. The heat inside one of these things didn't do much for any sort of paint the shop guys would splash on 'em, and since most of the locos spent their time outdoors in the elements, rust just sort of "happened". 'Sure adds nice color to the model, doesn't it ?

That "Royal Gorge / "Moffat Tunnel" herald looks cool back there on the tender, doesn't it ? And speaking of "cool",

Notice the sort of "curlicue" or "pigs-tail" hanging from beneath the tenders floor just above that front truck's bolster ? This was actually a gate valve with a short length of hose on it so the engine's crew could let a little water trickle on the wheels on steep downgrades. ( In order to keep the brakes cool, y'see. )

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