Ten Wheeler #20 with the "Clippership" Herald
Circa the Late 1940's
~ Updated Sunday, March 09, 2014 ~

We can hardly resist putting one of our models in a scene. The backdrop is just one of many such photos I shot west of Chama, near Chromo, Colorado, during our 16 year tenure back there in what the locals call "God's Country. I had this one blown up poster size many years ago and simply place it on a stand behind my photo-shoot bench. It's how I like to remember this country the best.

The locomotive is R.G.S. Ten-Wheeler #20, all gussied up in the "Clippership" livery, ( As it appeared after the filming of "Ticket to Tomahawk".).

That herald you see on her is due to the undying efforts of one Larry Larsen , whom you may remember as the proprietor of "Larry Larsen Graphics" , from Durango Colorado. Larry spent hours working it up so's it came out "just so", and as you can see, that's exactly how it came out!

A spectacular model, in an equally spectacular fall, Northern New Mexico setting. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . The High Country. . . There's nothing like it!

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