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D&RGW M.O.W. Car #06084

Circa the 1940's...

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Here's #06084 as it might have appeared any time since the repainting of the early 1940's.

And another view we just couldn't resist adding here. This one'll give you a chance to "study" all the effort that went into creating the lettering for these models.

One of the things I always dreaded most was decaling a flat car. Save for the space between the end beams and the first stake pockets, there's lettering everywhere on a flat!

Well sir, I didn't have to apply the lettering to these cars, which by the way is absolutely film-free. But I did have to create it! So now that I've brought it up, 'best you start looking at it closer because like the prototypes, the lettering is different for each car we modeled!

This model is yet another example of a car that's been "massaged" by your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth for service on his layout. He did one of each of the work cars up like this. Click on either icon of #06092, the "Wheel and Tie Car" for a closer look. The "gray" car has suffered mightily under the airbrush of Herr Booth... I think you'll like it. I sure do!

These were Limited Production Models - Quantities Strictly Limited.
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