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D&RGW Wheel and Tie Car #06092 -

Circa the 1940's...

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This model is yet another example of a car that's been "massaged" by your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth for service on his layout. He did one of each of the work cars up like this. Click on either icon of #06092, the "Wheel and Tie Car" ( below) for a closer look. This "gray" car has suffered mightily under the airbrush of Herr Booth... I think you'll like it. I sure do!

Clicking the photo below will net you another view of Jimmy's
weathering work on this great, finescale model!

A click on the photo ( right ) will net you another view of this outstanding model. If you're into great models, and great model work, these brass models from "The Car Model Co.", with their already flawless Factory Paint, plus Jimmy's weathering are awesome!

Click on the photo ( left ) to see another look at Jimmy's weathering on this great model !

And yet another photo study of this great model.
These were Limited Production Models and are no longer available. Sorry...

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