- D&RGW "C-16" #315 circa the 1940's -

~ Updated Saturday, June 13, 2009 ~

In this classic shot, our #315 is really lookin' the part of the Durango Switcher, isn't she?

Check out how her Marker Lamps are wired... One single .010" wire apiece... I've been "preachin'" for years about the appearance of wiring that can be seen... 'Finally got through to Se Ho this time around... Lotsa time spent on 3D modeling though. 'Paid off, didn't it?

Barely visible, but equally as cool is her Air Pump Governor and her Smokebox Front. Same deal applied to these. You can click here to open a page with some "captured" photos of the drawings I created for Se Ho so he could get these parts RIGHT.

Use your SCROLL BAR to move the #315 back and forth so you can see it all.

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