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The D&RGW's "OQ" - A Marion Model "40" Steam Shovel !

Another Photo of A Really Great, Historically Signifcant Railroad Model!

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Here's a photo of the "OQ" in its natural habitat... Crew must be out to lunch as there's nobody around here in this photo.

Some've asked how we got these great "talus slope" photos...??? Well sir, when you live up here in Northern California's "Coast Range" of mountains like we do, and about half the country's made up of "blue clay", it's not difficult. The stuff dries out in the summer big-time and fractures into what you see in some of these photos ! Presto! A ready-made, natural "quarry" for our shovels to be photographed in ! How can you beat that?

Click on the photo below for another view of this great model!

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