~ Page Six - Thursday, October 29, 2009 ~

The D&RGW's "OQ" - A Marion Model "40" Steam Shovel !

Another photo of this historically signifcant railroad model!

~ Page Six ~

Here's the D&RGW's "OQ" at work clearing a slide. That track leading to nowhere looks pretty precarious, doesn't it ? Yet it was places like this that these old shovels were sent into action !

Her "Outriggers" aren't in place, so we can only surmise that her operator's are "on the ball", driving with the "seat of their pants" as it were, in hopes they don't get her boom too far sideways and tip her over...

( Yes, Outriggers were included with the models. And yes, so was a genuine Jimmy Booth Weathering job similar to what you see here ! )

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