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to see a Super Sized view of this great model ! This was one of the first shays "out of the hatch", as created by your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth for yr fthfl svt. This time photographed against a nice blue-sky backdrop. That dry looking grass bespeaks California's long rainless summers. She a beauty, isn't she ?

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( Good for old eyes. And no, we're not pointing fingers. )
Here's "Bills #5", glidin' down the high iron. The West Side kept their Shays lookin' pretty good. Aside from the fact that they'd spend 3-4 months out of the year sidelined, (Because of WINTER in the Sierras. ), these shays were "Oil Burners", which were a whole lot cleaner burning than coal burners.
And too, "normal" road engines kicked up a lot of dust and grime due to their speed. Shays, on the other hand, with their leisurely 16-18 miles per hour top speeds, were less inclined to kick up dust.
A kinda "long way around" to explain why the #6 you see here isn't heavily weathered. But them's the facts. ( You'll see this story on the #6 Shay page too. Hey, this writer's only got so much "stuff", y'know. )

You can Click this photo to 'Super-Size' it too.
According to The Shay Web Site Number 5 was scrapped in August of 1950, after spending some 48 years working in the woods. 'Reason enough to immortalize her in model form, we thinks.

These models were available finished as our "conventional"

  • P-B-L FOREGROUND MODELS® - P-B-L Sound Equipped;
    and as
  • P-B-L FOREGROUND MODELS - Tsunami® Equipped.

    Production was limited to 35 pieces, each constructed in Lifetime, Investment Quality Brass. They are history now.

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