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~ D&RGW's "Long" Refrigerator Car ~

Looking hopelessly out of proportion, the "Long" Reefers are survivors. Their name obviously garnered from their 40' length, several of these cars survive to this day and can be seen the the Chama yards, in fairly good repair.

Sporting very modern ( for the Narrow Gauge ) 4'-8" Cast Steel "Andrews" Style Trucks made for them by the American Steel Foundry, probably helped insure their survival. ( Click Here to view one up close. ) Only one "Short" Reefer is known to exist, and it doesn't sit on its original trucks. ( The Short Reefers had the same 4'-8" wheelbase trucks but they were of the built-up-of strap-metal style "Arch Bar" variety which, from the look of 'em were probably pretty flexy / flimsy, which would account for why none of 'em survive. All conjecture on my part, of course, but it makes for a pretty good story, doesn't it? You can Click Here to view our model of one of latter, and judge for yourself. . . )

Anyway, back when my wife and I first moved to Chama, (around 1974), this writer had the opportunity of befriending one of the locals who at the time operated a small grocery that was located in the building later occupied by "Chama Drugs".

He told of the days when he would place an order for a side of beef at the wholesale meat company in Alamosa, and it would arrive a few days later via one of the D&RGW's colorful reefers.

Our model weighs in at 3.9 ounces, and comes complete with the accurately scaled "Andrews" Cast Steel free rolling trucks mentioend above. These are moulded in an engineering plastic bearing the trade name "Celcon", are super free rollig, and of course include our standard of the industry Coined Nickel Plated Brass Wheelsets.

All parts of this model kit, save for the hand grabs and brake rods and piping are injection moulded in high impact styrene plastic. Proper Decals and Genuine Kadee ® Couplers are included, of course, along with comprehensive instructions and "hints" to ensure your model will end up like the one shown here...

These kits are occasionally available with factory Pre-Painted / Pre-Lettered sides, ends and roofs. Call or write for availability.

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