- R.G.S. Goose #6 and Tenwheeler #20 -
Circa the Late 1940's
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Although "Scene-Less", this is really an interesting shot as it depicts two of the best remembered Icons of the Narrow Gauge, Ten Wheeler #20, all gussied up in the "Clippership" livery, ( As it appeared after the filming of "Ticket to Tomahawk".), and "Work Goose" #6.

The Goose was one of 100 of its kind imported back in 1996. Number 20 came along in 1998 with her siblings, #22 and #25. With the exception of the #25, these were finished as they would have appeared in the late 1930's through the Spring of 1941, which we refer to as the "Transition Era" because it was a time of change for both the D&RGW and the RGS. This was just before the U.S. got involved in WWII when the two railroads were fighting for survival, and new "Logos" and "Heralds" began to appear.

It was because the "War Effort" used up practically all of the manufacturing facilities in this country, that "Steam" continued to reign as King on the Narrow Gauge... (As well on most "Broad Gauge" Railroads as well...) No new equipment (Read Diesels) could be requisitioned, but parts to repair existing equipment could. So although it needs to be said that few good things ever come out of wars, for those of us "stuck in the Steam Era", this was one thing positive that came about. Had it not been for the war, improved roads and motor trucks would have surely effected the demise of the R.G.S. long before 1950 rolled around.

Both of the prototypes still exist today, and can be seen at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado.

This is another of those "not as good as it could be" photos we shot back before our favorite camera had been invented... But we thought it was worth showing because of the subject matter. Without a doubt, these were two great models!

If you want to find either of the models, you'll have to look on the secondary market, as the production runs have long since gone their way.

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