A Brand New Look for our Silver Anniversary !
And yes, we're adding new stuff to the site too!
Notice to the left, above "New Projects" , we've added "New Releases" ?
( Yes, in spite of what some have been wont to say, we've actually been getting some work done around here! Try clicking on the links!

Click Here to bag yourself a Screen Saver of our 25th Anniversary Logo featuring this great painting by John Coker ! (Sorry, it won't be the reflection in a puddle like you see above, but hey, it's still waaaay cool! )

Click Here to hear tune's like we'd LOVE to have on this site. But don't try it unless you have some sort of " Streaming Audio "and a speedy connection! The file is 3.2 megs, but the SOUND sort of bespeaks what we're all about. It's great !

If you'd like to try our waaaaaaay cool "JAVA screen, CLICK HERE . It requires more "Processor Power", but everyone who's seen it so far thinks it's beautiful!