R.G.S. C-19 Class #41
Circa the lmid-to-late 1930's era...

~ Revised July 19, 2016 ~

Here's RGS #41 circa the 1930's in freshly out shopped condition. This is the way they look when we get them from the factory. And also what you would get should you elect to purchase a "Factory Painted" or "Painted with Sound" Version of the model.

Other than that peculiar looking headlight, the #41 was pretty much a run-of-the-mill looking C-19. It had a "high side" tender, similar to the one behind D&RGW #340 in the 1940's. Dual 9-1/2" Air Pumps; "Standard" Baldwin Domes; A wood framed but metal sheathed cab and a conventional "road" pilot at the front.

In fact, about the only things besides the headlight that are distinctive is the location of the whistle At the rear of the steam dome instead of atop it; and that full length riveted patch at the lower edge of the tender.

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