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D&RGW M.O.W. Car #06051

Circa the 1930's...

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Here's #06051 as it might have appeared in the 1930's, or up until the repainting of the early 1940's. We have to say "might" have appeared because, to our knowledge, no known photographs exist of the #06051 in the 1930's. There just wasn't much traveling done in those depression years. Money was scarce, and film was expensive. 'Sides that, who, other'n somebody like Cliff Grandt would waste good film on work equipment when there were LOCOMOTIVES to photograph?

[ The latter statement is meant as a compliment. For without guys like Cliff Grandt and Bob Bader, guys with forethought that told them this stuff wouldn't be around forever, this hobby would surely be the poorer for it! We all owe them a vote of thanks! ]

This car has obviously just been freshly painted. As was the custom of most railroads, very few if any of the boards that went into its construction were replaced. Hence the "weathered" appearance of the freshly painted boards.

Mine and Jim's modeling tastes lean towards the later period "gray" cars, hence none of the earlier "red" cars got his attention, weathering-wise.

To have a look at the 1940's era #06051 that Jimmy did up for the P-B-L Collection, click on the icon below. Besides demonstrating just how well those "weather beaten" boards take to "weathering, it'll likely give you some good ideas on how to weather your own models.

Or if you 'd rather not see this one, you can jump over to car #06084 by clicking on its icon below.


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