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D&RGW M.O.W. Car #06051

Circa the 1940's...

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Here's #06051 as it might have appeared any time since the repainting of the early 1940's.

By the look of it, this car has seen more than a few high country summers and winters. That harsh, Northern New Mexico / Southern Colorado sun [ at elevations of 7000' and higher ! ], plus snow in the winter and the occasional afternoon thunder shower take their toll on paint jobs. [ This coming from an old "Chamero", a Chama, New Mexico "native"...]

You're looking at a car that's been "massaged" by your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth for service on his layout. And you might be wondering how'd he get those boards that lie beneath the upper deck [ or box ] to look so good...???

Well, below's an icon you can enlarge [ by clicking on it ] that reveals how he pulled it off...

Or, if you're dying to see what #06084 ended up looking like after Jimmy's "treament", click on the "gray" car below. Clicking on the"red" car will net a enlargement of that photo for those of you who model the earlier period.

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