The "GRAMPS" and U.T.L.X. Tank Cars in Brass!

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Some Pilot Models for your perusal !

- Revised Tuesday, January 11, 2005 -

Some are probably wonderin' WHY...??? Why, when we here at P-B-L have the BEST EVER GRAMPS TANKS available in Kit form, would we decide to offer BRASS ones as well???

Well sir, the reply is pretty straight up, we think Y'see, I'm the guy who built up all the Pre-Release GRAMPS Tanks as we progressed on the tooling. To the tune of -1- Complete car, and four partials. And I'm the guy who wrote the instructions for the things too. And all that ate up a heap of my time. And with all the other stuff I'd like to add to my roster, I figure Ready-Built-and-Factory-Painted Tank Cars will save me an additional heap of time, which I seem to be running short of these days.

'Sides that, there's been no compromising on the level of detail of these brass models as compared to our plastic kits either! The details are exactly the same! How'd we pull that off you say? Well, in the Brass Industry, "Lost Wax Castings" are the order of the day. That's how just about all of the detail parts for brass models are made. We just one upped the "wax" operation by supplying them one complete P-B-L Tank Kit to be sacrificed to produce a set of "lost plastic" parts. So each of the Brass Tanks is composed of the same identical parts as a plastic tank, except it is now in durable, "lifetime" brass!

So with no compromises being required, we figures "Why not?" We can end up having a 9 car "Cumbres Turn" of GRAMPS and UTLX Tank Cars with free rolling P-B-L Plastic Trucks under 'em without the hassle of having to build 'em our selves! And besides that, they'll be much better able to stand up to the rigors of being "on the road" than our plastic cars as we pack and unpack them for shows... Kind of a "Have your cake and eat it too" situation, we think.

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