The "GRAMPS" and U.T.L.X. Tank Cars in Brass!

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Some Pilot Models for your perusal !

- Revised Tuesday, January 11, 2005 -

Just look at the frame on this model! Study this for a bit and it's easy to see what this kind of detail, gorgeous ROUND HEADED RIVETS, carefully placed on multiple layers or "plates"...

And how about those 3-Dimensional "tack boards"? You just can't get this level of detail on a production based brass model!

Can you imagine the work involved in HAND PUNCHING that many rivets on a production run? And how EXPENSIVE they would end up being? Right!

Obviously the level of detail of these is EXACTLY LIKE that of our incredible Injection Molded Plastic Kits! So once these are painted, about the only noticeable difference between the two, will be... Uh........ Come to think of it, there won't BE any noticeable difference!

Now you can have your own 9 car "Cumbres Turn" of GRAMPS and UTLX Tank Cars that, since they'll have our free rolling P-B-L Plastic Trucks under 'em, your big "K's" can haul up to "Cumbres" without the hassle of having to build 'em yourself !

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