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~ S.P. "Type III" Boxcar ~

The following was excerpted from the description included in the Instruction Manual supplied with this kit:

According to the roster listed on page 209 of Mal Ferrell's Book, "Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge" these boxcars were originally constructed for the Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation Company, arriving on the Slim Princess in 1926-1927. They bore prior the numbers 336-338 prior to the “great re-numbering” which took place 1946- 1947.

Number 17, as seen on these pages, is a 20 ton (40k lb. Capacity) car. Its prototype can be viewed at the Laws Railroad Museum in Laws, California. ( Don’t know where that is ? It’s about 6 miles east of Bishop, on US Highway 395. Though it certainly qualifies as an “out of the way” destination, the Owens Valley is really a pretty place to visit. Especially in the fall. )

Number #17 sits atop a “Modified Arch Bar” type of truck. Much heavier-duty looking than the "Thielsen" type Arch Bar Trucks for which the S.P was famous. Several other cars at the museum have this style trucks under them, so they weren’t uncommon to the operations there. (CLICK HERE for a closer look!)"

What sets this boxcar apart from many of the others we’ve seen are the huge cross members ( needle beams ) beneath it. Since these cars were built years after many of the others, it may have been that the builder observed the issues the lighter-duty cars exhibited, which same accounted for why they had only 20,000 pound gross carrying capacities, whereas these cars could haul 40,000 pounds.

Old pal Bill Schaefer built the #17 you see pictured in these pages during a visit here in December of 2003. Our thanks to him, for sure, for the help! For more, detailed information about these cars, we recommend you now pick up a copy of Mal Ferrell's Book, "Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge” printed by PFM.

Here's another view of #17. The painting in the Espee's "Sunburn Red" colors, and lettering was done by our pal Bill Schaefer too, but your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth performed the weathering duties. A beauty, isn't she ? The #17 is shown as she may have looked after to the 1946 renumbering.

This model weighs in right about 3.5 ounces. It comes complete with the accurately scaled, easy-to-assemble, ( Read Snap Together ) free rolling "Modified Arch Bar" Type trucks you see, moulded in that slippery engineering plastic we use for this purpose, "Celcon". And of course, the now Standard of the Industry P-B-L Nickel Plated Brass Wheelsets.

All parts of this model kit, save for the hand grabs and piping are injection moulded in high impact styrene plastic. Proper Thin Filmed Decals and Genuine Kadee ® Couplers are included, of course...

How about this cool underbody detail drawing, taken directly from the kits' instruction manual ! ( You can click on it to enlarge it. ) It's all numbered and color coded to keep you "on track" when you're building the model!
  • Note that part "L" is the one piece "Crossover Piping" supplied with the kit in the form of a LWC. ( LWC: Lost Wax Casting - Brass. ) Although it's not probably quite true, it seems like this little part takes about 1 hour off the models' assembly time to this ol' boy!
  • Click Here to read a short history of the "Espee's" Narrow Gauge operations.

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