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D&RGW M.O.W. Car #06084 "Exposed"...

Circa the 1940's...

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Here's the "secret" to Jimmy's wonderful looking decking! [ Or at least part of the secret...] With but a little effort you can slide that "box" out ( or up ) to reveal the lower decking.

Cool idea, eh? Wish I'd thought of it myself, but I have to hand the credit for this idea to our Builder, "Hank" for coming up with it! Thanks a bunch Hank!

As far as the incompleted weathering is concerned, not being able to resist showing you this removable box thing, I caught Jim in the middle of the project. You can see a couple photos of the end result by clicking the icon below.

This model is yet another example of a car that's been "massaged" by your friend and mine, Jimmy Booth for service on his layout. He did one of each of the work cars up like this. Click on either icon of #06092, the "Wheel and Tie Car" for a closer look. The "gray" car has suffered mightily under the airbrush of Herr Booth... I think you'll like it. I sure do!
A click on the"red" car will net a enlargement of that photo for those of you modeling the period prior to 1940. Or, if you'd rather you can jump on over to Wheel and Tie Car #06092 circa the 1940's - onward by clicking on the "gray" car below.
These were Limited Production Models - Quantities Strictly Limited.
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