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~ The U.T.L.X. "Narrow Framed" Oil Tank Car ~

Looking like it's been over the road for a long, long time, the model you see pictured here was one that was built by yr fthfl svt, back when the models were getting close to release. ( Yes, I have been known to build these kits meself. . . 'Fact is, memory doesn't fail me too bad, I think I built a total of five of these things during the time I wrote the instructions. )

Creating these models was a real challenge as just about every part and detail was peculiar to these cars. From her ladders, to those cool looking "tank bands", to the 'specially created "Frame" members you see here, to those very heavy-duty 4'6" wheelbase Archbar Type Trucks. [ Click here for a close up view of one of these trucks. ] What a delight to the eye they turned out to be !

The prototypes actually saw more yeoman duty service than the "Gramps" cars, being used all over the system. Whether hauling "crude" from Chama to Alamosa, or "road oil" to Placerville on the R.G.S. their use was pretty common.

A few of these cars were painted up with the "Gas Service" scheme, denoted by the "G" you see on its side up above that all encircling running board.

Like most of our other kits, the instructions we include with this model include a detailed history of these cars. This time researched and written for us by Bill Horkey . Click here to read what Bill had to say about 'em.

And, speaking of instructions, like our other kits, these come with a very precise set of instructions / hints / modeling techniques so that, with some time and effort, you can end up with a model like the one shown above.

NOTICE For a fortunate few, however, we're planning to import a small run of these super-interesting models in Brass some time later this year, ( 2003 ), which will be fully assembled, factory painted, and ready to operate. Click Here to have a look at the pilot models we received from our builder.

Proper Thin Filmed Decals and Genuine Kadee ® Couplers are included in the kit, of course...

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