- D&RGW "C-18" #315 circa 1949, 1950 -

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This classic track side photo of #315 kinda tells it like it "was": A day in the life of a Switch Engine crew... Many hours were spent just sittin', waitin' for some clown on the ground to figure out what happened to a car that got misplaced. Or maybe for the San Juan to roll in from Chama. Or the Silverton Mixed to roll in from the north. But 'leastwise on these old steamers they didn't drone or rumble when at idle like the stuff kids see today. No siree. They'd just sit there and simmer... And occasionally give a kah-whump as one of the airpumps played catchup with minor leaks... But heck, you knew all that, right?

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Here's a "going away" view of our #315. You can click on the photo to see a much larger view of her. Jimmy's weathering on her smokebox is worth the price of admission, don'tcha think?

  • Click on any of the pics below to be treated to some close-up and personal detail shots of #315 for your enjoyment. Click either photo to see just how close to the prototype a model can come, if all those involved care enough.
  • Click on the RH Photo for a close up of how we modeled the tenders coal doors. The real thing has upper and lower doors. And most of the time the upper doors are swung back into the coal bunker so the fireman has easier access to the coal. Those "coal rakes" were heavy !

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